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About Us

Bank E Auction bank Property is India’s leading e-marketplace that lists all kinds of bank auction assets (NPAs). From residential & commercial properties to all types of immovable property, we list all the properties that are to be auctioned with the advantage of choosing a property anywhere in India.

Many people are interested in buying properties through bank auctions as they come at relatively cheaper prices compared to the market rates but are unable to do so for the lack of enough information on them. bridges this gap between the investors and the banks and financial institutions by providing an internet platform for them.

Buyers can search for any kind of property that is for auction in any city in India. All the information at one place gives them a choice to buy a property of their liking and to make a well informed decision. They will get to know the basic details of the property, the contact details of the bank and the date of the auction. Our user friendly interface makes the process of searching for property a lot easier and informative.

Banks get a wider audience and better responses for their auction properties. The property is displayed in the site till it is sold, giving a far better longevity to the notification compared to the newspapers. This increases the prospects for the sale of the property having a positive impact on their balance sheets.

We aim to empower investors by helping them to seek investment opportunities through credible and legitimate auction sources and better insights for listed NPAs via banks and financial institutions. is committed to providing a win-win situation for both the buyers and the banks.